A Lesson in Defeat

So you’ve been craving s’mores flavored macarons too? Let’s chat. Yes, that’s right, the blending of two great civilizations is finally upon us. It is time to combine the delicate perfection of French macarons with the beloved American campfire tradition known simply as s’mores. What could possibly be better than that?

We decided to attempt two different versions of the S’mores Macaron at the same time. Very ambitious, I know. The first variation was a graham cracker shell with chocolate and marshmallow filling, and the second was a chocolate shell with a graham cracker and marshmallow filling. We may never know how the first ones would have actually turned out, however, because they were involved in a tragic rendezvous with gravity. But the dog was happy, so there’s that I suppose.


Regardless, the chocolate ones came out beautifully, so our narrative will continue with what we are referring to as the Inverted S’mores and the others will have to wait for another day.


We began, as always, with our favorite recipe for Basic French Macarons from yumsugar.com and then made flavor adjustments to achieve the s’mores variations (which consisted of adding one tablespoon of cocoa into the dry mix.)

For the filling we opted to go a different route in order to stay true to the s’more taste. It consisted of a mixture of Jet-Puffed marshmallow cream and crushed up graham cracker; not gonna lie, it’s pretty damn oozy. We just spooned the marshmallow mixture onto the shells, but you could just as easily pipe them on with a bag if that’s more your style.



Overall thoughts, while delicious, it does not meet the s’more taste we’d hoped to achieve. Rather it tastes like a really sophisticated brownie. Perhaps we aimed a bit ambitiously, maybe s’mores belong in an unattainable domain for the time being – relegated to the world of late-night campfires and nostalgia.

Difficulty: sizeable; the Macarons Gods were not smiling on us, bringing challenges at every turn.

Deliciosity: I’d eat that.

Final verdict: we will return to this on a more fortuitous day

– B & B


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