Lemonade? Lemonade.

Remember that perfect glass of lemonade that changed your refreshment world so long ago? The one you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to recreate ever since that fateful day? No one’s is good enough. Instead of settling once more for mediocre lemonade, it’s finally time to make your own.

It was so delectable I was unable to take a picture with a full glass.

Now, there are a million different ways to create the perfect glass, varying from “I don’t even really want to finish this” to “WOW. Just. Wow.” and they cover the full spectrum from insultingly simple to excruciatingly complicated. I opted for the perfect balance between not too difficult and surprisingly delicious. It turned out to be very tasty indeed.

So here’s the method:



4 Tablespoons sugar

4 Tablespoons water

1 regular lemon

Additional sugar and lemon juice (fresh or otherwise) to taste


Makes 2 large glasses.


Mix the sugar and water together and microwave on high for one minute.

Juice the lemon. (There are several effective ways to do this, I cut the lemon in half and just squeezed the juice and pulp out with a fork. You can strain it if you want; I prefer a bit of pulp though. Feel free to use your favorite method, just don’t forget to fish out the seeds!)

Combine the sugar syrup (careful, it’s pretty hot) with the lemon juice and stir until completely mixed. Add about 8 oz. of water to each large glass and pour half of the lemon/sugar mix in each. Add enough ice to fill the glass and then adjust the flavor by adding any additional sugar or lemon juice to reach your perfect sweet/bitter ratio.



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