Arnold Palmer Who?

So. Our love of lemon continues and this week it is in the form of macarons. We also felt like it was a good time to reattempt the macarons and see what happened – we were not disappointed! Essentially we followed our normal macaron recipe and added 2 tsps of lemon zest instead of vanilla.

For the filling we went with a black tea frosting. The blend we opted for was English Breakfast which was definitely adequate but during our taste evaluation it became clear that Earl Grey or something with a more pronounced flavor would be better suited.

Here’s some pic-spam:

Difficulty: pretty straightforward after having made macarons (granted sometimes we have limited success) in the past.

Deliciousity: delightful; a perfect snack – the hint of lemon makes it quite refreshing

Final verdict: success. There are a couple tweaks to be made with lemon zest levels and tea blends (as discussed above) but this batch was still kind of awesome (and tasty), so we can worry about that another day.

– B & B


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