The Pursuit of a Coffee Coffee Cake

Our latest adventure started out a little different than the last few ones. We knew what flavors we wanted as accents – meaning frosting and filling – but were really unsure of what the actual cake should be. After much deliberation we decided to do a coffee flavored one. The result is kind of like eating one of those fancy coffee drinks at whatever coffee shop (or cafe, if that’s closer to your speed) you prefer.

For the cake itself, we used this recipe found on MyRecipes. It went off without a hitch really. The only substitution we made was using coffee instead of espresso. It basically tastes like coffee, well, actually it straight up tastes like coffee. This is a good or bad thing depending on where your preference regarding coffee vs. coffee drinks is. For both of us it rests pretty firmly on the coffee drinks side of things, so it the frosting and filling do a lot to make this delicious.

The Nutella buttercream frosting didn’t go exactly according to plan. We used 1 cup of margarine from a tub and so the consistency never really took off. Eventually we divided it up (hereafter the frosting will be referred to as Bowl A and Bowl B, respectively). In Bowl A we decided to add shortening and powder sugar to help make it more firm. Even that didn’t do the trick! What we had left was definitely more firm but still close to the consistency of the black tea frosting from a couple weeks ago. The mixture within Bowl B came into play while adding the filling. We did a layer of caramel, then the Bowl B mix, and then finally another layer of caramel. After letting it set in the freezer for about 30 minutes, we then put the top layer on and frosted the whole thing with the contents of Bowl A.

Afterwards we let set in the freezer again, drizzled some caramel on top and called it good!

Difficulty: straightforward; our greatest difficulty was getting the frosting consistency right.

Deliciousity: java-licious!

Final verdict: The only thing that needs to be tweaked is the type of coffee and amount, it was a little too intense for at least one of our tastes.


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