Guest Post: Lemon Bars

The time has come for our first guest post! We met up with Brittany’s grandma to make some of her famous lemon bars. Sadly we are unable to share the recipe itself because it’s a top secret family recipe but we can still share a photo or two from our adventure.

Top secret lemon bar recipe

I suppose if you’re some sort of computer whiz, you could crack our clever block-out and see the recipe for yourself. We really wish you wouldn’t because then you’d make Brittany’s grandma really sad and we don’t go around making your grandma sad so we’d appreciate it if you didn’t do the same to ours.

final product – ta da!

Since we can’t give you our recipe, we decided to provide a list of alternative ones because by now you must be jonesing for a lemon bar. Please note that we have not personally tried any of these but they either look similar enough to ours or just look downright delicious.

Lemon Bars via Food Network and Paula Deen
The Best Lemon Bar Recipe via
Lemon Bars via Honey & Jam

For the sake of posterity – certainly not for our egos – we’d like to mention that if you attempt to adjust this for lime rather than lemon beware. We found out the hard way that the increased citrus in limes means that the dairy ingredients will curdle and result in some sort of vaguely lime flavored egg bake.

Happy baking!

– B & B


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