The Boy who Lived was born today, so why not have a Butterbeer cupcake?

“The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade has a reputation throughout Britain for its quality drinks, inviting atmosphere, and enchanting waitstaff. However, few wizards are aware that the Three Broomsticks, located on High Street, actually has a rather successful baking enterprise as well. Broomsticks’ head baker Archie Magirus has a mastery of ovens that very nearly rivals even that of the kitchen elves of nearby Hogwarts, and his Firewhiskey Eclairs are particularly noteworthy. Butterbeer cupcakes are by far their most popular treat, but many different delicious pastries round out the rest of the menu. Small event catering is also available.”

From Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them by Marcus Coriander

In today’s baking endeavor, we attempted to recreate Hogsmeade’s best Butterbeer Cupcakes. What a delicious experiment it turned out to be! These are perfect for sending along with your youngster for the team after a Quidditch match, celebrating a birthday, or simply enjoying with friends anytime. (All of these suggestions require sharing, but we certainly won’t judge you if you don’t let anyone else anywhere near them. Yep, they’re that good.)

We used this recipe and would like to give a shout out to amybites for the excellent baked interpretation of this iconic beverage!

Everything went according to plan as far as the baking itself, which is nice because the fewer disasters one encounters in a baking project, the better.

The most challenging part was getting the filling from point A (above) to point B (below); it was a little messy in parts but what is baking without a couple messes?

Et voila, the final result. It is equal parts delicious and HP fun.

Difficulty: The recipe is very accessible for the novice-intermediate baker and the directions are clear and specific. If you are relatively new to baking, don’t be intimidated by the need for a double boiler for the butterscotch chips- it’s not nearly as difficult as it might sound.

Deliciousity: It was exactly what I always imagined butterbeer to be! <– This is saying a lot. I’ve spent more than a considerable amount of time thinking about it.

Final Verdict: YES.

And so we’d like to wish Harry Potter a happy birthday – thank you for the joy and entertainment you’ve brought to our lives!

All the best,

– B & B


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