Further Explorations in Macarons

The time has come for another macaron post! Admit it, you’ve been disappointed by the lack of them.

We decided to try one of the recipes in Les Petit Macarons. We decided to use the French-style macarons for the shell. The process is similar to the other recipe we’ve used in the past, obviously, just a little bit differently.

For the filling we decided to just use what we had on hand: lime curd. We still had some left over from the keylime cheesecake bars and thought “YOLO, let’s use this in the macarons this week!” (well, not really but it makes the decision we made sound a lot more interesting). Basically, we took the left over lime curd and added cream cheese. The result is a delicious macaron.

It’s pretty safe to say we’re going to be exploring more recipes in the book, so be on the lookout for our next exploration of macarons!

Until next time,

– B & B




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